Get Free Microsoft Points Generator

Get Free Microsoft Points Generator


Here is the 2012 release of the Microsoft Points Generator as promised. Most of the functions are similar with the previous release. It uses similar coding. The programmers fixed some bugs and errors to make it work smoother. Also, Added some features like generating multiple codes in just one click of a button. This program also generates 800 points, 1600 points, and 2400 points which can be redeemed on the official Xbox Live website.

This updated version of Microsoft Points Generator is complete safe to use. Since Microsoft can't detect the cards or points you are redeeming are purchased or generated, your accounts will not get banned. This version generates VALID microsoft points so you don't have to worry if they are working or not. All the codes are checked in the database before they show up in the generator.


Click the download button below to get the Microsoft Points Generator
Or simply copy and paste to your browser  the download link:


  • Select the amount of points you want to generate
  • If you want to generate more than one, type how many cards you want to generate (ex. 10)
  • When generating more than one code, be sure to check the save to .txt file option
  • Hit "Generate"
  • Redeem your codes to the official xbox live website

Whether you are an occasional or extreme xbox gamer, you will really benefit from the latest version of the Microsoft Points Generator. Just don't generator massive amounts of microsoft points one time. Enjoy your xbox live experience as you don't have to purchase cards/points anymore. You can redeem unlimited microsoft points using this amazing program.